Red Riders sports club is one of the newest and most recognized sports club in Bangalore. We deliver the best ambience and services for adventurous sports such as Go-karting, Paint-ball, Zip-lining, gunshots and so much more. It is located in Sarjapur where the connection between nature and adventure is closely felt. Experience the best ride on one of the longest tracks in whole of South India and unleash the racer within you. After receiving customer suggestions, we have recently opened a café where you can unwind and munch on our variety of food items.

Every guy dreams of becoming a racer at some point in his lifetime. With a big dream, hard work and determination, my friends Naveen, Vinay and myself opened a sports club where racers are recognized and appreciated. Another reason for establishing this club was because we wanted to work at a place, which would give us joy and happiness. The idea, however, came to surface when the three of us went on a picnic to Mysore for Go-karting. We hope that our dream will help you achieve your dream of becoming a racer!

We also introduced the zip-line, which is one of the biggest two-way zip-line in india.